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Hi there!

My name is Lucy, I am a Nutritional Therapist & Mindset Coach and I am on a mission to help people who have body image issues combined with low self-esteem and therefore struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with food. Why? Because once upon a time… that was me. 

I struggled throughout my teenage years and into my twenties with my weight and the way I look. I loved food and cooking, but I spent every waking moment wishing I was slimmer and obsessing about how I was being judged, because of course everything would be okay if only I wasn’t so fat, stupid and lazy! Looking back, I can’t quite believe that was how I felt, because really, I was none of those things.

I was so lucky to have the wholesome and loving upbringing that I did, but that just wasn’t enough to rescue me from feeling worthless. I lost out on so many opportunities offered to me in my career and personal life because of the anxiety I felt. I also got into a toxic, controlling relationship that made me into someone I hardly even recognised. I knew I was one of the lucky ones who found a way out of the cycle of self-destruction that can lead to some serious mental health problems, including addiction, and I wanted to do something about it.

I studied to become a Nutritional Therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) to help other young women or anyone who might be struggling the way I was. It’s hard to find balance when you’re at an all-girls boarding school, as I was, where the pressure to succeed combined with shyness, social anxiety and the need to excel and not let the side down (or the parents!) all conspire to make you feel completely alone and inadequate. Wherever you grow up or go to school, these feelings are compounded by the pressure of social media and our culture of perfection…however unrealistic or fake it might be.

I’m passionate about helping people discover the joy of self acceptance while learning to love food again. I believe this to be the path to finding out what you are really capable of and leading a fulfilling life without letting societal pressures get in the way. So let’s have a chat about how I can help you, your best friend, or perhaps someone in your family. I’m just at the end of the phone. 

Lucy x

p.s. I recently wrote a letter to my 11-year-old self about what I wish I could have known then. You can read it here