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Lucy was professional, engaging and a delight to work with this year. She provided Oppidan Camps with a workshop based around nutrition, engaging the children in their learning. I would highly recommend Lucy to any school, to educate children on mindful eating
— Oppidan Camps

Lucy was an absolute pro and really went the extra mile. I feel so much more confident in my own skin and thanks to Lucy I now have a completely different approach to eating. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Kate

Lucy’s food was simply delicious and healthy, it made one feel very cleansed but satisfied at the same time. Her whole demeanour was so calming and she has some great ideas to give you inspiration moving forwards. She really made the whole weekend fantastic, so much so I immediately booked her again!
— JJ

Lucy was an inspiring person to work with; she was always so helpful, friendly and her menu was simply gorgeous. Looking forward to our next retreat!
— Pari, yoga instructor

I want to thank Lucy for, honestly, the most delicious, nutritious and spoiling food over the weekend. I can’t tell you what a treat it was to be cooked for. We could all see how hard Lucy worked, with very little down time at all and yet she remained so professional and organised the whole time.
— Claudia